Powers Summer League

Powers Summer League

As the founder of the Powers Summer League in 2001, and the director each summer for the last 19 years, it is with great sorrow that I announce that the PSL will not be held this summer.  There are many reasons for this decision, all of which are due to the Covid-19 situation. There have been many difficult situations for all of to handle and this decision is the latest "tough call" for me to make.

I hope everyone is doing their best to protect yourself and those around you.  Please stay safe !!!

If you would like to email me and let me know how you are doing, I would enjoy hearing from you.  It's over a year away, but let me know if you would be interested, at this point, in playing during the summer of 2021.  I will make a decision about 2021 in March of that year.

Take care,

Jeff Thatcher
301  540  7292

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